From agricultural holding to equestrian hub!

The Kasselmann family has been linked to the land they are residing on today as far back as the 12th century. The property first started out as an agricultural holding and was in the ownership of the Count of Tecklenburg during the 16th and 17th century. In 1765 Frederick the Great allowed farmers  to buy land from the authorities. The Kasselmanns used the the opportunity and henceforth became free farmers.

The farm was not just run as a straight agricultural holding though: hospitality has always been a key component of the operations.  In the summer break rooms were rented out to townsfolk – today you would probably call this ‘farm holidays’. Some close friendships were formed during this time. During the 20th century the changes in agriculture also shifted the purpose of Hof Kasselmann towards today’s sole focus: the sport of dressage!


It was Ullrich Kasselmann, who recognised the growing popularity of horse sport and transformed the farm into the modern equestrian center we know today. He met Bianca during his education and occupation as auction rider for Hans-Joachim Köhler in Verden. Since taking over his parent’s farm in 1972 the training and sales of dressage horses have become the family’s primary focus and passion. Being riders as well as horse dealers allowed for Ulli and Bianca to form relationships with customers and extend their friendships in the international equestrian scene.


Today more than 50 staff work on the 40ha large, modern equestrian centre, 200 horses are in work and training on a daily basis. For the past 40 years Ullrich Kasselmann and Paul Schockemöhle have also hosted the Perfomance Sales International in Ankum. What makes this auction so special is that only home-bred horses are offered for sale.

However, the P.S.I. Auction is not the only event, Hof Kasselmann is also home to international equestrian events such as Horses & Dreams and Future Champions or championships like the 2015 CDIO, 2005 European Dressage Championships and other industry networking and educational events.

Today Francois Kasselmann manages the business, supported by his parents. The family’s involvement spans across all aspects of the equestrian industry: from the online sales platform ehorses, various online auctions, the professional management of teams, individual riders or emerging athletes to modern equestrian surfaces, the High Score Performance Ground – Hof Kasselmann is all about horse sport.